Treatments and prices

Professional treatments and consultations for the well-being of your horse.

My treatments release joint and muscle blockages.

Treatments of approx. 60-70 min:

Treatments with adspection, mobilization, TENS therapy, shockwave therapy, feed supplementation, training and rebuilding advice.

Price: 110,00 Euro plus 19% VAT and travel costs.

In case of collective appointments, the travel costs will of course be shared.


Follow-up treatments of approx. 60-70 min:


Treatments with adspection, mobilization, TENS therapy, shockwave therapy, feed supplement, training and build-up training consultation.

Price: 95,00 Euro plus 19% VAT and travel costs. 



My therapy applications:(Mobilization, TENS, ESWT):


In order to be able to carry out the therapy applications/methods professionally and effectively, very good knowledge of the anatomy and the movement sequences is necessary. Among other things, incorrectly performed mobilization or therapeutic treatments can lead to aggravation of problems.

Mobilization therapy serves to promote and maintain the ability to move. Restrictions of the movement ability arise for example with: Overload, psychological tension, incorrect loads, lack of movement. For example, in case of lack of movement or if the horse has to keep box rest, the massive lack of movement can lead to biochemically detectable negative changes in the area of the joint fluid after only 24 hours. 


TENS therapy (stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is also called stimulation current therapy and is used for pain muscle and wound treatments. The principle of pain therapy through TENS treatment is based on the influence of electrical impulses on the pain-conducting nerve fibers. The stimulation current generated by a stimulation device blocks the excitation conduction of the nerve fibers, so the pain information is not transmitted to the central nervous system, processed and stored. The horse's pain is virtually eliminated, so to speak.


ESWT therapy (also called extracorporeal shock wave therapy). ESWT therapy is a gentle method of treating acute and chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system. It relieves pain and improves mobility.













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